"You belong to a long line of famous inventors.
Almost every amazing invention we know, has been brought to existence thanks to a member of your family.

Soon it will be up to you to carry on this legacy, Leonardo.
But first you have to study the greatest achievements of your ancestors.

Let's see it together..."

Leonardo's Legacy is a game developed by me in 72h for the LD36 Jam with theme "Ancient Technology".

This is the first time I participate at Ludum Dare, the first time I try to make my assets (characters and items), the first time I make a "non-clone" game and my second game in total! So I'm quite satisfied, even if I wish I could have made it to implement another couple of levels and an Invention MiniGame (puzzle-like). Well... maybe I will continue with this game for a little more in the future.

Thanks to everyone that will stumble across this little game.

P.S. Can you find the secret mini-game? :)

-- fracchiaGX

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